FAQs for Fit Chicks Daily

Q1: How is this different from following an online workout?

A: Well for starters…You will be interacting with real live people. Having fun, meeting new faces and giving yourself a break from the monotony. You won’t be trying to do this alone. Everyone can use some accountability. Those online routines never know if you show up but guess what…WE WILL! GUESS WHAT ELSE…we will give you a call to see what happen! 

Plus if you need modification or exercises that challenge you more, you’ll get them as a client of Fit Chicks Daily! That’s because every client gets her own individual weight training routine.

Q2: Will I be challenged or required to do what everyone else is doing?

A: Regardless of your fitness level, because this is still personal training, you will be challenged at your level. Not often are ladies doing the same exercise EVEN if they are doing the same exercise. Each exercise comes with modifications and digressions and we will find the right fit for you. 

Q: What Technology Do I Need to Participate?

A: You will need a laptop, iPad or Cell phone with a camera. 

We use two applications one called Zoom. Zoom allows us to see and hear you so we can keep you safe. The other is called Vagaro. This is our scheduling app that will allow you to reserve your workout time. 


Q: How long are the workouts?

A: Each virtual personal training session is 30 minutes. After your workout you will be held accountable to do 25 minutes of HIIT cardio on your own. 

Q: Can I just choose my own cardio?

A: Yes and No! We have provided a few cardio videos to follow along with depending on your fitness level or injuries. Fit Chicks! Daily virtual cardio program is still HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). So even if you don’t follow along with the video, and you go outside, use your treadmill or elliptical, we want you pushing your hardest for 60 seconds and resting for 60 seconds. Therefore, we call it the 60/60 FCD cardio program. 

Q: What if I don’t have any equipment?

A: No weights NO PROBLEMS. We have created routines that will accommodate any lady that doesn’t have access to weights or cardio equipment. Plus if you have dumb bells, kettle bells, or bands the team will work with what you got!

Q: Will I be doing the same routine over and over?

A: No way. That’s not fun and we promise that you are going to have FUN. Each week we will have a different workout routine. Most of the time you are going to be doing upper body vs. lower body. This way you could workout BACK TO BACK!

Q: How does scheduling work again?

A: Our scheduling app is powered by Vagaro. Once you say YES to our Fit Chicks! Daily program and you find times that work for you, I will load all your reservations for the next 6 WEEKS. The app will allow you to cancel or change your reservation as things come up. Or maybe you just want to get another workout in. Either way this app will let you do both. Schedule and Cancel a workout. 

Q: I see that nutrition is a part of the program. How does that work?

A: We know that nutrition plays a major role to living healthier and happier. Every Friday we have nutrition seminar that you will have access too. 

Also, you will have the opportunity to submit your nutrition questions and set up a 15-minute consultation to get the answers to your question.

Q: How much does it cost to join Fit Chicks Daily?

A: Usually, this special cost $99… But now it’s just $79 to join. Fit Chicks Daily launched during unprecedented times, and took off. Now we know that we have to keep going, because so many women need a community that helps them stay committed to live healthy AND happy.

Q: How long do I have to use the sessions I purchase

A: Your sessions remain in your account and don’t expire. If you cancel your membership, you’ll have 30 additional days to use your personal training sessions and other aspects of the program

Q: How do I get started?

A: Complete the form (www.beafitchick.com). Then schedule your private 1st visit with Jenn where she will access your fit for Fit Chicks Daily, address questions and help you schedule your first workout.

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