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What People are Saying About Us

Featured in Fishers Magazine's April issue, hear what women say: ✅ I never imagined my self running. Now I can’t imagine myself NOT running - Erin (37) ✅ I love shopping again because I feel more confident in my clothes - Shauna (34) ✅ I love having a place just for me. It helps to keep my mind clear of life’s noise - Nicole (47) ✅ I no longer fear the stairs because I am stronger! - Pat (69) ✅ I am toned and energetic again - Taylor (26) ✅ I use to go on vacation with my family and they would have to wait on me. Now I have tons of energy and I’m always in the lead! - Deanna (54)

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Jim Watson (PHD, ACSM, LSS) Wellness Center Section Kroger Market Place says, “What Fit Chicks is doing is good for women and we support them.”  

We are celebrating 7 years of being in the Fishers Community and we have renewed for at least another 6!

You Probably Already Know a FitChick! Here's our Client LIst

Aleta C  

Amy A  

Amy C 

Angie S 

Anita P  

Ashley V  

Ban B  

Becky S  

Caroline H  

Caroline J  

Cassie B  

Cassie Z  

Celeste R  

Christeen T  

Cindy C  

Connie B  

Connie O  

Darlene F  

Deanna T  

Deb O  

Debbie J  

Donna B  

Elle A  

Ere P  

Erin H

Gwen Y  

Heather W  

Jane L  

Jen S  

Julia K  

Julianne D  

Karen A  

Karen B  

Karen D  

Karen L  

Kisha M

Kristen P  

Linda D  

Linda S  

Lindsay H  

Lisa C  

Liz J  

Liz N  

Lovette C  

Lynda C 

Mary R 

Meena A  

Michelle L  

Michele S  

Mindy L  

Missy A

Nancy W  

Natalie W  


Nicole D 


Nyla W  

Pat R  

Pam C  

Renee R  

Rita R  

Rita Z  

Rose M  

Roxsan C 

Sade W 

Samantha B  

Sarah E  

Sarah R  

Shauna B  

Sheron F  

Smitha M  

Stephanie W  

Susan C  

Sydney J  

TaKeisha S  

Taylor B  

Tiffany W  

Tobe C  

Tonya N