How to Conquer YOUR Gremlins and Dreams

What does this little book have to do with anything?

Your thought life matters.  How you view yourself, or what you do, … what you think is possible in your life, what you dream about, how positive or negative you are, matters and plays a role in the outcomes we experience in all areas of our lives.  

Most of us at some point have little gremlins that whisper in our ear that we fall short or don’t meet a certain level of acceptability in how we look, how smart we are, how much we weigh, our success at work, our success as a mother, as a wife, as a business owner, …you name it, whoever we are and whatever we do, at some point we judge ourselves with a harsh measuring stick that sabotages our confidence, our willingness to try for more or something new.  It makes us complacent and accepting of staying where we are – not desiring more growth, more self-development, more happiness, more fun, more wellness.

Let this small surprise mini book be the soil that you plant a seed in and watch it grow.

What could happen if you put down on paper your dreams and aspirations.  What could happen if you print out pictures that you see online that represent your dreams and aspirations and you put them in a place where you see them every day or once a week.  What could happen when you visualize and contemplate and create what it is that you want in your life?


What if you wrote down what you ate every day for 2 weeks, … a month … 6 months and then went back and looked at it?  What do you think you would see?  Would there be a pattern?  Would you see that you have an affinity for simple carbs, maybe more than you thought?  Would you see that you eat fewer vegetables that you thought?

What could happen if you wrote self-affirming notes to yourself.  What could happen if you wrote notes to yourself as if you were your best friend and you were complementing your best friend on their best attributes.  What could happen if you wrote to yourself that as you are today, you are enough.  What could happen if you spent the next 3 months, 6 months noting that you matter? At the end of that time, what would be different? How would your thinking about yourself change? How would you change?

Off the Heart

What if you wrote about the most painful moment(s) of your life?  What if you put it down on paper to just to get it out?  Would you feel some relief?  Would you find some peace?  Would something else come in it’s place … grace? … peace?

What is possible when we put our thoughts, our pain and our dreams on paper?  Wouldn’t it be nice to see?

Let this small surprise mini book be the soil that you plant a seed in and watch it grow.

Start here … and let’s see what is possible.