Top 10 Reasons to OWN another T-Shirt …#giveback

Jenn’s Top 10 Reasons to OWN another Fit Chicks! T-shirt

  1. It’s the BEST color …EVER!
  2. It looks good on everyone
  3. It is convenient, versatile and COMFORTABLE
  4. It’s sharable with friends, family, co-workers, teachers and church members
  5. It’s a great way to motivate others without having to speak
  6. It keeps your doctor from asking…”Are you working out…” 😊
  7. IT’S LAYER-ABLE (pop a long sleeve shirt or turtleneck under it)
  8. It brings a feeling of empowerment and confidence that any woman can be a FIT CHICK
  9. It helps you not worry about “what to wear to the gym”… and
  10. It’s on sale NOW!

Buy 1 for $18.69, Get 3 t-shirts for FREE! 

Give it to your hair dresser, neighbor, pastor or pastor’s wife, co-worker, church group members, your daughter or daughter in-law or anyone else you would like to empower this season. Spread the Holiday Spirit with your world!


Buy 1 for $18.69, Get 3 t-shirts for FREE! 

The Give Back Campaign

Year End Sale for Hatch: Did you know that in 2018, we fed six families, 2 dozens eggs, per week for the entire year? Yeah YOU did. It’s true! How did we do it?  You invested in yourself when you purchased swag from Fuel Station. Then, a portion of the proceeds from the Fit Chicks! store went to Hatch, an organization providing fresh, nutritious, whole eggs to food pantries across Indiana.

We fed six families, 2 dozens eggs, per week for the entire year?

Hatch – Eggs for the Greater Good

“I met with Randy Reichman, the executive director. Hatch’s impact is aligned with the Fit Chicks! Movement mission,” says Roz “It’s feels good to help provide whole, nutritious food to people in our community”

Snag your swag

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T-shirt sizes: XS-4 | S-2 | L-13 | XL-20 | 2XL-14

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