“Keep Going”

Ultimate Sculpting Week is BACK

This week in the weight room, experience one of the most challenging, fun strength training routines at Fit Chicks! It’s called Ultimate Sculpting. This is real body toning, done effectively, safely and with a variety of moves. You’re whole body will feel the results. Double check your reservations. Get to the studio a few minutes early and expect to feel like a million bucks when you’re done!


  • Work through Set 1,
  • Work through the 15-sec recovery, AND
  • Work through Set 2!!!


  • Work through Set 3,
  • Work through the 15-sec recovery, AND
  • Work through Set 4!!!

Then go hit your cardio, ha-ha. Yes, we’re doing HIITSanity again. Check your cardio log, go to the next level. Personal Best Club coming after Labor Day


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