Our Story

What is Fuel Station? Why Should You Care About the Fit Chicks! Boutique?


When Fit Chicks! started we became the premier place for women who wanted a complete program for fitness, nutrition and well-being. It has been super exciting because we work with women and witness their enormous successes.

What we learned from running a very successful studio was how to create a meaningful community that deepens a woman’s commitment to being healthy and happy. Through your journeys, we learned that accountability, effective fitness, clean eating and being a part of a positive group of women could have an amazing impact on your confidence and sense of self.

Yet, this is not the case for most women. So many women end up isolated, frustrated and overwhelmed about life, particularly being a healthy wife and mother. This has a significant impact on a woman’s physical, spiritual, emotional and mental state.

Fit Chicks! wants to do something to change that. Nevertheless, we knew just opening another fitness center or diet program wasn’t the solution because bigger isn’t always better.

Armed with a mission to help women get in shape and feel great, capture the control and confidence needed to stay committed to their bodies, and be healthy and happy for a lifetime, we started Fuel Station, the Fit Chicks! Online Boutique. We want other women to experience the successes and sense of community you have at Fit Chicks! in Fishers.

Be IN (not out)

Fuel Station merchandise is fun, functional and focused on showing women
that they can be in the movement, not out there on their own.

It starts now with an e-store filled with effervescent hearts on a tumbler cup; 2-sided canvas bags with a make-it-your-own wooden heart; lunch totes featuring Super Fit Chick (our new mascot) and mini-size protein powder in cute Ball mason jars that you’ll reuse for meal prep, and more!

This is fun stuff and we need you to keep the movement growing.
You can be a part of something bigger than yourself.

One Women’s Story

Eighteen years ago I weighed 240 pounds. I’m just 5’0”.

Yes, I was super chunky.
I tried so many diets and exercise programs but just kept losing and gaining the same 20, 30, 40 and 50 pounds over and over and over again. I was a yo-yo dieter, feeling very powerless, defeated inside, and quietly out of control. That changed when I stopped dieting and exercise dabbling, and started a new approach to weight management. Now, I’m down 90 pounds and for almost 20 years. That’s amazing!

Since then, I’ve spent years studying, practicing and refining exactly how to get weight off and keep it off. I’ve failed and struggled along the way so you don’t have to. Of course, there are the practical things we need to do to be fit and we all know them – eat less, eat better, move more and manage our metabolism. But there’s one piece that I found to be the absolute CRUX of all of this and that…

“it’s in community that you win”