What if YOU were as important as everything on your list?

What would be different in your life, if you spent your time, money and energy demonstrating you (personally, physically) are as important as everything on your list?

  • Shauna said, “What’s different is I prepare healthier meals and snacks for my kids when I go to the studio regularly, because I go to Kroger more regularly!”
  • Tiffany shared this, “What’s different? Like my students and colleagues, I’m now okay with needing accountability. It doesn’t make me weak”
  • Ashley put it this way, “What’s different is I helped my husband understand that this place is what works for my mental health and helps me stay motivated to exercise and eat right.  I can come as I am and that makes me feel very comfortable and confident. That’s worth it, period.
  • What’s your answer… (post below)

Healthy and happy together, 

Jenn, Kay, Kami, Amy and Roz