Great Tasting Roasted Vegs, a Tasty NEW Recipe, and 5 Squash TIPS

What does roasting vegetables have to do with your fitness, personal training, health or losing weight?

Last week while running on the treadmill, Rita said, “I think I need some new recipe ideas before I get sick of my kale salads. Can we schedule a time to talk about nutrition?

YES! Salad say summer and when the weather cools off, you want something warm for lunch. Make a big batch of roasted vegetables, watch the possibilities unfold.  But first, let’s make sure we’re roasting veggie RIGHT. Check out these tips for great tasting roasted vegetables and don’t forget: add seasonings! – 8 Tips for the BEST Roasted Vegetables (Click here to print off)

Plus, Five Ways to Incorporate Winter Squash into YOUR Meal Plan


1) Roast slow and then mash with a sweet potato 

2) Season well, roast until soft-soft, and then blend to make the base of soup (for BREAKFAST)

3) Roasted until just cook through, cut into chunks, add crumbled walnuts and SNACK ON THIS

4) Peal, dice, and sauté,  drizzle with f honey, add a leafy green vegetable (or peas) for a tasty SIDE DISH… and #5


5) Cut into medallions, roast (or sauté), season well and top your salads (instead of using out of season tomatoes and water cucumbers … LUNCH IS SERVED

Now, check out this new recipe, too (click here to view)… It’s time to include more ROOT (like parsnips, golden beats, purple carrots, potatoes) and CRUCIFEROUS veggies,  along with WINTER SQUASH (like rainbow, acorn, spaghetti, and butternut) into your meal prep


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