Intentions Matter, What are you going to do?

Intentions are interesting, because intentions are a combination of self awareness, hope, a goal and execution. When you set an intention you’re setting all these pieces in motion.

So go for it! You don’t need to “reach perfect”… practice some thing new, make progress. You’re worth it!

What’s your summer intention? ┬áMake up missed personal training sessions? Set up a new menu plan that uses new recipes? Master the get-enough-water every day thing? Move the alcohol treats to just one day per week? Do extra cardio outside the studio, like play tennis or ride a bike? Get better sleep? Find a new church? Read a motivational book? Volunteer in the community? Learn to cook vegetables and healthier recipes? Or watch the sunrise each week?

We want you to work on your wellness,

Kelli, Kami, Kay & Roz