3 Reasons Why Having a Female Personal Trainer Makes a Difference in Your Weight Loss Success.

3 Reasons Why Having a Female Personal Trainer Makes a Difference in Your Weight Loss Success. 

You want to lose weight and feel you need a fitness or personal trainer this time, because they will keep you accountable and get you better results than when you exercise on your own. That makes a lot of sense, but who should you hire – one at the gym, a male or female?  Here are a few concerns to consider when you are choosing a personal trainer.

  1. One of the very most concerns especially if you do the personal training at home is gender. Of course, women are different from man especially in terms of training. Most women wanted to trim down and tone their tummy not to add a six pack abs or bulk up (#gainweight!). Men personal trainers have a tendency to ignore this 
  2. Two, you may begin to feel insecure going through the exercising program while having a man intimately looking at you in your own home or at the gym in front of others.  Eventually, most female clients admit to becoming self conscious in front of a male trainer and begin worrying about their workout attire.  With a female personal trainer, those insecurities fade and you relax feeling reassured that if your female trainer sees your private or fleshy body parts, so what!
  3. Three, some female client need to feel comfortable enough to share important, personal matters that affect the training that day, like menstruation, hot flashes, and bladder control girl-things

Woman clients want professional approach from their personal trainer either male or female. The difference between a female personal trainer and the male tends to be, the first one is assertive while the latter get aggressive, “especially when in front of colleagues at a big gym,” commented Cindy on a gym survey.  

Finally, women clients usually need advice and suggestions for general health matters like nutrition, and  life issues that cause stress. You’re morely to have more in common with your female trainer and she will be able to relate personally on so many things.

Ask around, most women think that personal training with the same gender will create better results!