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Fit Chicks! Do Self-Care, too…

We all know that a good mother should be loving, nurturing, giving, and kind to her children. But can a good mother offer those same traits to herself? As a mother and stepmother of five children, I’ve learned the importance of proper care of myself. I also know how difficult it is to make it happen.

First is the issue of guilt. I’ve noticed that women have an easier time sacrificing themselves than taking care of themselves. Most of us would rather drop from exhaustion than face the guilt of caring for our own needs. However, when Mom is depleted, the whole household suffers.

Second, even when we understand the importance of self-care, the issue is logistics. How do we fit self-care into an already-overflowing schedule? Who has the time, energy, or money for spa days, date nights, gym memberships or new hobbies?

For many women over 50, it’s also a time of self-reflection, says Cynthia Barnett, EdD, a retirement lifestyle specialist in Norwalk, Conn. “You begin thinking about your purpose in life, about finding what makes you happy and fulfilled. You may be ready for something new, work you love to do.”

What self-care looks like for some of our clientsdsc_5582:
• Listening to music while doing… anything
• Training at Fit Chicks! 3x per week
• Journaling/Talking to yourself like you would a Bestie
• Having a Skype or FaceTime date with a Bestie
• Listening to meditations & uplifting sermon talks while snuggling with a favorite blanket
• Preparing a flat out healthy & yummy meal
• Lights out at 10pm, eyes open at 6am
• Accepting help from others
• Releasing resentment, frustration, anger and any other mental blocks that make them cranky
• Connecting with a friends and family in your tribe
• Watching movies or a TV show that inspires
• Honoring the real YOU, not the you, you or others think you should be one day
• Rubbing a drop of essential oil in the palms, then around the neck before cupping hands to the face (yes, this one is Coach Roz’s newest “30-sec selfcaring” practice. I carry a little bottle in my purse)

What self-care is not:
• Staying awake to answer every single email and Facebook post
• Saying “yes, okay” to obligations you dread
• Hanging out with people who drain, period
• Demolishing all of the Windmill cookies when sad (“Yes, all of them,” Coach Roz)
• Helping and serving others more than helping or serving Self
• Drinking too much, too often
• Grudgingly slogging to the gym or eating healthy because women’s magazines tell you that your butt, belly and boobs should be like this air-brushed model’s body

Plan, Act, Repeat
When it comes to long-term solutions, creating new habits is key. When you’re embarking on something new, especially something as important as self-care, set yourself up for success by making a short, do-able plan (not an epic to-do list!).

Clean Eating is Self-care, too
Guess what? I wasn’t born eating clean, but after years of practice it’s a daily do. Planning my success is how I run my life and my business — and I’m the Chief Coach of both. So whether you’re committing to using measuring cups for portion control, eating 3 MORE servings of vegetables each day or eliminating the fast food meals —mapping out your goals and when you’ll fit them into your schedule is how you’ll make them happen! #BeAFitChick!