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Dear Beautiful,

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I know you have a weight, body fat percentage, and clothing size goal. I know you’re meant to be fitter, healthier, and look better.

It’s important to you because you value being healthy. You know how much being at a healthier weight would positively impact your life and your family’s life. That’s why you started this amazing journey, joined Fit Chicks, and made great progress!

You’ve lost weight, reduced body fat, accomplished some important goals and reached significant milestones, right?

Either you’re in the midst of this journey or you did it! You’ve lost weight, dropped body fat, gained strength, toned up, lost inches (can fit into smaller sizes), and have seen your medical issues improve (or be eliminated!).

However, now, something is “wrong.” You feel stuck! You’re wondering if you need to try that special diet or maybe exercise harder. You have a health challenge that makes losing weight hard and the doctor said “sorry, there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s just about . . .” Or you’re still confused about real nutrition and making lifestyle changes that make weight loss stick.

If you’re like so many of my private coaching clients who start a smart weight loss program that includes weight training, interval cardio, and master meal planning, but still feel stuck, and feel something may STILL be “wrong” then you may not know THREE things:

  1. Exactly HOW MUCH to eat given your unique metabolism
  2. Exactly WHAT to eat given your struggles with food
  3. Exactly WHY you eat in a way that doesn’t lead to lasting lifestyle changes

You’ve done everything according to the programs, but somehow, it’s just not working for you. (And it’s not for a lack of effort!) Perhaps you have begun to ask yourself: “What’s missing? Should I try harder? Do I need to be doing more? Is my willpower just that weak? Should I just give up?” Maybe you’ve even reached the end of the line. If you don’t turn this around soon, you might just have to give up!

You are MORE than ready for your weight loss success. You’re just not exactly sure what to do to get it, right?

Let me shine a ray of hope into your dieting darkness…

It’s not your fault.

You’re not doing anything “wrong.”

The problem is after years of yo-yo dieting your metabolism is damaged. Then when you lose weight right your metabolism changes. Now, add to that the impact your age has on your metabolic change. It’s not surprising that you may feel stuck! Most programs are not equipped to measure metabolism and then give you the support and training necessary to repair it.

That’s because other gyms and diet programs don’t have the high-end equipment that accurately measures YOUR exact metabolism number and then provide the tools necessary to rev it up. Tools include proven steps for lowering cortisol (the stress hormone), ways to resolve emotional eating triggers, and master meal plans that match your metabolic rate.

I do! I provide the tools you need to rev it up!!!

What’s The Solution?

You MUST have the right information and plan to be successful!

Your weight loss success is not a “quick fix,” and you know that! That’s why you joined Fit Chicks! You know your journey to better health, fitness and weight loss requires a total approach. That’s why you’ve had this level of success so far.

Now you’re feeling stuck and wondering what’s the next right solution. But, you know it is more than choosing another diet, and what you’re doing now isn’t giving you the confidence and control you want. You need to identify the right information, support and a plan so you don’t compromise your health, your progress and waste a lot of time, effort and money. I hate to see clients waste their money.

Here’s the great news: I can lead you through the steps you must take in order to accelerate your metabolism and kick weight loss into full gear again… so you master YOUR nutrition, discover the SWITCH that ignites your inner power and feel great too.

You CAN repair your metabolism, lose weight and transform your lifestyle to reach your goals of a lighter, fitter and happier you! Yes, you CAN be healthier and happier!



The NEW Rev! Metabolism Coaching ProgramYour personal pathway to transformed living


Recording available upon request –

Wednesday, March 23 to 30




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  • Your training and nutrition are consistent, but you’ve stopped losing weight
  • Your training and nutrition are NOT consistent, and you’ve lost focus
  • Your energy is low and you’re feeling drained
  • You have a high cortisol level or excess belly/body fat
  • You’re struggling to make the right food choices and feeling stuck


A SNEAK PREVIEW à Program Features Include: 

  1. Baseline MedGem’s Test to know YOUR precise resting metabolic rate (RMR)
  2. Customized MedGem RMR Report where your EXACT caloric requirement is revealed
  3. One-on-One Private Coaching to guide you through Thinner For Life Process
  4. Tools on how to develop better habits, NO Willpower required!
  5. Online access to ALL lessons and coaching materials, learn at your pace
  6. Done-For-You Master Meal Plan based on your RMR results
  7. Personal Week-to-Week Follow-ups that keep you focused, inspired and supported



Rev - Metabolism Device1 - WBThe MedGem indirect calorimeter, a FDA 510K-cleared Class II medical device is a state-of-the-art, handheld device that accurately measures oxygen consumption (VO2) to determine resting metabolic rate (RMR)*. The measurement is easy to administer and provides accurate results in only a few minutes. The easy to use device allows for personalization and accurate development of individual nutrition and weight management goals. With each MedGem comes the MedGem®
professional companion software. MedGem Analyzer allows for easy monitoring of real-time measurement data, export feature for further
data analysis, and report generation for patient education


Who am I (really) and why should you listen to me? 

When I was fresh out of college I landed this great job on Wall Street working for Goldman Sachs. It was a super exciting job because I got to work with people who were enormously successful and work on big, complex projects

What I learned from that amazing experience was how to research, think critically, incorporate data into my work for maximum results, and how to run a successful business.

After an overseas assignment, again in finance, I learned that I did really love the FINANCIAL world, so I went back to school and earned my MBA from Darden at the University of Virginia. While in school, I realized that the industry mattered and I loved the healthcare industry.
So I joined the diabetes and neuroscience marketing team at Eli Lilly in Indianapolis. Later I joined the Corporate office of Guidant Corporation, makers of heart devices like pace makers and stents. It was from my emergence into the science of disease states (i.e. depression, diabetes, and heart disease) and their pharmaceutical and surgical treatments that I learned there are a lot of things we can do from the outside and inside to prevent the need for medication, medical equipment and surgical procedures.

I learned that lifestyle, habits and natural approaches to wellness could have a significant impact on how mentally fit, mobile and disease free I could be. Yet, millions and millions of people end up on medication, suffer from diabetes or high cholesterol, need heart devices or are disabled from strokes.

I wanted to do Accountability - Client Folder Review Seated5 - WBsomething to change that. Nevertheless, I knew just learning more about diets and exercise wasn’t the solution, because diets and exercise programs alone didn’t work for me. There was something missing.

So, I enrolled in the Coaches Training Institute in San Francisco and completed their rigorous program. From this experience I learned what it was like to be coached and to coach. I also learned of the transformational impact coaching had on a person’s life when done right

Armed with a passion to help people lose weight and maintain weight loss, I started accepting individual clients, wrote a book and began sharing what I knew about maintaining a weight loss forever. I wanted others to know they could live healthier, disease free and happier lives and give them the expertise to help them go through the process. Then about 3 years ago I wanted to serve more, have a greater impact, and incorporate more into my weight loss program. Consequently, I opened up a boutique fitness and nutrition studio in Fishers, IN and started a group coaching program for people who don’t live in my area but want to work with me.


Now I have a life that’s radical! I absolutely love it! I am serving people everyday… coaching them on a daily basis and teaching them how to make healthy lifestyle changes, fix their food issues, and feel empowered to become the best versions of themselves. Along with my team, we’re training people to be fitter, faster and just more fabulous! It’s fun stuff!

Today, life is amazing. I’m super happy and it’s super fun. But it wasn’t always like this. It wasn’t always super fun and super happy, because I used to be super chunky!

Fifteen years ago I weighed 240 pounds. I’m just 5’0”.

Yes, I was super chunky. I tried so many diets and exercise programs, but just kept losing and gaining the same 20, 30, 40 and 50 pounds over and over and over again. I was a yo-yo dieter, feeling very powerless, defeated inside, and quietly out of control.

It was humiliating being the fattest associate on the corporate team, and seeing relatives the next holiday, because I had put on 20 more pounds, again. Clothes stopped fitting. I started shopping at those stores and in the PLUS section. I needed to do something different, but didn’t know what that was. You see, of course, I knew how to lose weight. I’d done it 6 different times. But I didn’t know how to maintain that weight loss for a lifetime.

I’ve spent 10 years studying, practicing and refining exactly how to get it off and keep it off. I’ve failed and struggled along the way so you don’t have to. Of course, there are the practical things we need to do to be fit and we all know them – eat less, eat better, move more and manage our metabolism… but there’s one piece that I found to be the absolute CRUX of all of this and that’s “changing your brain to maintain” a weight loss.

The diet and fitness industry won’t tell you how to create, adopt and hold on to a lifestyle that keeps you from yo-yo dieting and exercising dabbling, because they would prefer to take the easier way out. However I’m here helping you find the courage to change!