Three things you’re FORGETTING about getting easy dinners done FAST

Is it a Struggle to Prepare Nutritious Meals?

The following 3 easy steps will start you on the right track for serving healthy dinners at home without the struggle. You can do this!

#1 Invest in meal prep places like Plated (mail-order meals) and Dream Dinners locally (owned franchises)

Have you ever used these services? They are GREAT! For you cooks, it is a great way to pick up new recipes, food combinations and even prepare for a dinner party. If cooking is not your cup of tea. . .you will LOVE these services. Here are other benefits:

  • Your older children can help prepare the meals and begin to embrace cooking
  • Kids eat a variety of foods
  • Portion control is improved
  • The per serving cost is incredible

#2 Buy “done-for-you” things from the fresh food sections of your market. Just be careful of ultra-processed foods that may way too much salt and bad ingredients.

  • Chopped veggies
  • Chopped onions and bell peppers
  • Pizza plus a fresh salad – frozen pizza is fine
  • Prepared, fresh, lean meats – turkey meatloaf from Trader Joe’s, or grilled salmon from Whole Foods’ prepared meals section

#3 Use a slow cooker (crock pot) all year round, not just in the winter and for chili! Here are some helpful hints:

  • Get Cooking Light’s slow cooker recipes
  • Make 2 meals at time, freezing (or canning) the extra portion


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