Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt with a Twist [Snack Recipes!!!]

Plain Greek Yogurt w/ a Twist

Greek yogurt remains popular. So popular that every processed food company has hit the shelf with so many varieties it’s no wonder clients are confused about what’s the healthier choice. Here’s a little Greek Yogurt Primer and 5 recipes

Which Brand to Buy –

  • Fage: thicker, mousse-like texture, truer taste
  • Chobani/Orcous: slightly lighter, more bitter taste, thicker texture
  • Fresh: lumpier texture, more intense flavor

Which Variety to Buy –

  • Pick PLAIN first
  • If you can’t stomach the plain nonfat, avoid “real fruit on the bottom” …and
  • Pick a product where the protein grams at least EQUALS the total sugar grams listed on the label
  • …again Clean Eat, pick plain nonfat Greek yogurt and add your own twist.

Five Different Ways to Enjoy PLAIN Nonfat Greek Yogurt (if dairy agrees with your body)

Plain Greek Yogurt Recipes – Eat Good