Before You Start Another Fitness Challenge Read This!

Here are 5 types of programs to avoid when you’re trying to lose weight

Weight loss and fitness challenges are exciting because they’re fun, mix things up and keep you focused on a specific goal. They increase awareness and open the doors to better health

But not all challenges are created equal and some challenges can be counterproductive to your health goals. If you’re going to join a short-term challenge this summer here are six program features to AVOID!

1. Avoid challenges just focused on working out.
Any approach to wellness, better health and weight management needs to include nutrition, lifestyle changes and fitness

2. Avoid challenges that don’t include sound nutrition resources.
Diets are like zombies, dead but keep coming back to life. Ditch diets and join a program that showing you HOW to eat healthy every day

3. Avoids ones not focused on revving your metabolism.
Weight training done right and Smart Cardio are the 1-2 punch that ensures you’re NOT wasting your time when you spend all that time exercising and actually creating the FOUNDATION for a healthy metabolism. Studies show that when you add just 5 pounds of lean body muscle, your body burns 200 MORE calories each day. That’s revved!

4. Avoid ones that don’t show you how to make lifestyle changes. 
For example, the Free Day Concept is critical. It’s a bad idea to workout everyday and it’s a bad idea to be on some eating plan or cleanse for extended periods of time without short breaks.

5. Avoid ones that lack solid accountability.
If you fall off will anyone notice? Join a challenge that wants you to succeed and will provide support to make that happen